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N3 Petrol
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About 90% of all new petrol engine vehicles sold in the world require “regular” grade in Pakistan the word “premium” is used to define this petrol category.If your owner’s manual says to use regular fuel, do so—there’s no advantage to a higher grade.

n3 diesel
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Diesel is generally used in Trucks and Buses in the automotive sector. Diesel because of its lower flammability risks and the engines’ higher provision of torque and lower likelihood of stalling is a reliable fuel.for Trucks, buses and utility vehicles.

n3 lubricant
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Besides a standardized fuel offering N3 also targets to provide High Quality Lubricants. Lubricants Brands are both Global brands that are imported and Local Brands manufactured in Pakistan and marketed under the Energo brand name .

managing director n3

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We are an oil marketing and distribution company. We will import and also purchase petroleum products from local refineries and sell to our customers through our retail outlets and directly to end users. The petroleum products will be transported in the country through our dedicated fleet and also through the available cross country pipeline systems. We will market our products under brand, a registered trade mark.
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our mission

Our Mission is to be fastest developing depots and retail network and providing oil products and services satisfying our customers need with safe, economical and environment friendly operation.

our vision

Our Vision is to be most admired brand in the industry for safe, efficient, value added and consistent delivery.

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N3 Petroleum has embarked upon accelerated development of retail outlets and storage depots with most modern facilities in various cities and towns across Pakistan.

fuel prices

facilities and equipment
  • Petrol & Diesel
  • CNG/LPG re-fuelling
  • CNG/LPG Kit Conversion Centre
  • ATM
  • Fast Food Store
  • Convenience Store
  • Car Accessories Shop
  • Tune-up Centre
  • Car Wash / Service
  • Tyre Shop
  • Quick Oil Change

about n3 petroleum

It gives us immense pleasure in informing you that Al-Noor Petroleum ANPL (Pvt.) Limited (ANPL) has commenced its development activities in Pakistan based on its OMC Licence from OGRA in July 2016. While its head office is under construction at Kemari Karachi the company operates out of its city office located at 5th Floor Emerald Tower Clifton Karachi.

ANPL is one of the companies of its parent group – Al Rahim Group of Companies. The Group is engaged in Petroleum Trading, import, export, shipping and storage via Bulk Storage Facilities of petroleum products and of petrochemicals business in Pakistan and the Middle East.

Al Rahim is operating the largest private storage terminals at Keamari, Karachi.

The Al Rahim team (which is a shareholder of ANPL) has an over 25 year history linked with storage, import and export of petroleum and chemical products. Their services to the Petroleum Industry, Sugar Industry, Chemicals Sector, Ministry of Ports and Shipping, and Ministry of Defence in an era of severe storage constraint in the country, is well documented.