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Health & Safety

Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

Al- Noor Petroleum recognizes that every employee, supplier, vendor, the transporter is entitled to be provided with the working environment that is safe and without risk to health. To this and every effort has to be made and positive action has taken to secure the health, safety, and welfare of all personal inside company office site.

The company intends to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services that conform to the highest international standards in a safe & secure environment

An HSE Management System is being established to monitor, measure and improve our activities, products, and services complying the regulatory requirements and satisfying customers’ needs by adopting best professional practices

Our safety policy includes provision of training, education, information, in an enabling environment to every employee to pre-emptively identify potential risks, prevent injuries and to keep the environment safe.

We intend to make Al Noor Petroleum a ‘safe place to work’ through comprehensive risk management plan:

  • Workplace Health, for our employees and service providers
  • Health and safety, for people living working at our facilities
  • To train the employees & contractors to work safely and maintain high safety standards
  • To assess all risks of its operations such as road transport of its products, storage of raw materials and storage of lubricants by controlling all aspects that could lead to injury