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high speed diesel

HSD:High speed diesel

HSD is 100% distillate fuel used in compression ignition engines operating above 750 rpm i.e. buses, lorries, generating sets, locomotives, pumping sets etc. Gas turbines requiring distillate fuels can also use HSD as secondary fuel option.

The most accurate method of assessing the ignition quality of a diesel fuel is by measuring its cetane number in a test engine, the higher the cetane number the higher the ignition quality.

The average annual consumption of HSD in Pakistan is around 7.5M MT. 60% of this demand is fulfilled by local refineries while 40% is imported. The major user of HSD is the Transport sector with 88% share in the total consumption.

For our consumers N3 Diesel, High Sulphur and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil are supplied direct to the consumer facilities in an efficient manner, via our fleet of owned and contracted vehicles.