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MD Message

MD Message

Al Noor Petroleum (N3) is an oil marketing and distribution company. We market our products under “N3” brand, a registered trade mark. We import and also purchase petroleum products from local refineries and sell to our customers through our retail outlets and directly to end users. The petroleum products are transported in the country through our dedicated fleet and also through the cross-country pipeline systems.

The most debated subject in the country for over decades is energy it may be country politics or business forums. Energy has driven the advancement since the start of human life. Petroleum products take the lead in energy sector, we all need it, is so important that the prices of most common consumer products – motor gasoline and high-speed diesel are controlled by the government. Energy in the form of oil has connected the world in an efficient way, allow us to drive on roads, fly in a plane and usage of ships and it is a source of electrical power and drive many industries.

For years there were only three oil companies in the country which was an oligopolistic condition of oil marketing and distribution industry in Pakistan, relatively less competition. In late 90’s government allowed new oil marketing companies (OMC) to start business in the country and few companies entered in the market in ten years period. But in year 20016 -17 large number of OMC licenses were issued by the regulator (OGRA). With the new OMCs coming up there is a healthy competition which result good service to the customers, more petrol pumps will be available in the country and there will be no more long waiting time for refueling your vehicles.

It is historical facts that most of the new OMCs developed their retail outlets in the country having only one or two bulk oil storages. Al Noor petroleum limited (ANPPL) is the 1st OMC among the new licensees who is strictly following the regulatory requirements and the vision that is construction of bulk oil storage in the country followed by the retail developments. ANPPL started simultaneous development of oil storage depots across the country and four large storage depot and terminals are already constructed at various locations in the country, more to follow. Our retail development is also progressing on fast track.

We strive for the fastest growth in oil storage depot and terminal construction and retail network in the country.

Over a decade motor gasoline grew by manifolds and high-speed diesel also grew reasonably. The growth will continue as the economy of the country is growing and many vehicles are entering on the roads. Over 200,000 cars, pickups, trucks, jeeps and over 1.5 million motor cycles are added in the country every year which is driving the motor gasoline sale high. The population growth and increase in buying power is also playing a big role in the growth of petroleum products in the country.

While ANPPL has been guided by a focus on sustainability, I would like the company to keep a closer look at our mission, vision and values to help drive our efforts.

With continuous learning, engaging our employees and stake holders and building on our experience we can and are committed to provide quality products and services to our customers.

M.Shakil Baig
Managing Director

Mr. Baig holds an MBA degree from USA and dual bachelors’ degrees in engineering and laws.

He has over 35 years of diversified and accomplished national and international business management experience. Extensive experience in petroleum industry, leading roles for billion dollars projects development, execution, management and operations and experience in development of oil sand oil production facilities.

Mr. Baig has worked internationally for Royal Dutch Shell Canada and WorleyParsons Canada, one of the largest multinational engineering services companies in the world. In Pakistan he has worked for large organizations – Managing Director Bakri Oil Company, General Manager Pakistan State Oil Company, Manager cross country pipeline project in Shell Pakistan and flight engineer in Pakistan International Airlines.

Mr. Baig apart from his stints in Pakistan  has worked in Canada, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Oman.

New Year Message

Dear Colleagues,

As New Year 2021 is approaching, I would like to take this as an opportunity to extend my heartiest greetings for the new year and thank you all for your patience, support, dedication and achievements in year 2020.

Events of 2020 has been unprecedented and extraordinary. In the wake of COVID 19 pandemic, was difficult and trying time for the business in the whole world. Alhamdolillah, last year ANPPL achieved record sales volume in spite of challenges in receiving the products from refineries and imports and the company launched various lubricants brands in the market. We also completed construction of large bulk oil terminals – Mehmoodkot and Shikarpur including laying of multiproduct pipelines after managing the tall order of acquiring the right of ways from various land owners. The pipelines are the most important links required for receipt of products from PARCO cross country pipeline system.

As a company, we are confident that we are in the right business, the business that is the backbone of the country economy and power the future. Besides JS Fuel JV our company is in the process of entering into few more strategic alliances for synergy and to positioning ANPPL as industry leader. ANPPL has a great strength in depot distribution operation because of its parent group support being the largest bulk oil terminal operator in the country.

Sahiwal Depot commissioning has been a big challenge for the company due to delay in regulatory approvals and that has consequently delayed the company’s Punjab marketing license and affected the company progress in Punjab Province. We would like to share with you that the company is now working on a new strategy and we are confident in getting the Sahiwal depot approval soon. We are also in the process of getting the Punjab marketing license based on completion of Mehmoodkot oil terminal.

We reiterate that health, safety and environment is our company top priority and we expect its implementation at all business levels in true spirit.

I want to assure you that among the new OMCs ANPPL is in better position in the industry and Insha Allah soonest the Mehmoodkot and Shikarpur oil terminal are commissioned ANPPL will progress with God Speed with your support.

My best wishes to you and your families for a safe, prosperous and a very Happy New Year and look forward to an exciting 2021.

Best regards,
Shakil Baig