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history of our name (N3)

name history of n3 petroleum
  • N3 It’s an easy to recall name from the marketing perspective with easy extensions possible for sub-brands.
  • The brand was selected after a competition from a number of options identified
  • Three leading brand development and advertising agencies contributed to the selection of the brand
  • The logo and name form one piece and are easy to use on marketing literature, lubricant product labels etc
  • These have been tested for brand recall
  • The retail branding colors will be variant of dark blue with a section of red. These colors have their own individual characteristic personalities that lend the strength to the brand

The N3 name selection also has a slightly deeper meaning to it The alphanumeric N & 3 represents the number “93”:

  • 93rd name in the list of Allah’s 99 names, is “Al Noor” or “The Prime Light”, which links back the marketing name N3 with the corporate name of Al Noor Petroleum (Pvt.) Ltd
  • From the perspective of a new team, new entity & startup – Most importantly The Surah 93 in the Quran is Ad Duha the translation is given – This is a Guidance by Allah to the Prophet that he has not forgotten him and there is success & betterment in the future